Dragon Age Chicago

Session One

Oh... That wasn't full of water, sorry...

And so it Begins…

A few miles outside of the village of Vintiver, our intrepid (or opportunistic, depending on your view) band of adventurers comes upon the oddly silent Fuldor farm.

Moving in to investigate, the party is beset by what appear to be wolves corrupted by some strange malady.

Making all too short work of the wolves, the party moves in to investigate the farm.

Sniper takes point, sneaking towards the main farmhouse wherein he finds a seen of utter carnage. The entire Fuldor family has been slaughtered by force or forces unknown, quite literally ripped to pieces.

An elvish word is scrawled in blood across the wall, which when translated reads “Child of Vengeance”.

Hearing the sound of some commotion upstairs the party bursts through the upstairs door to find a gravely wounded elf woman on the floor.

Dave throws the contents of a chamber pot on her to awaken her, she awakes with a fright and then passes out.

Gravely concerned about the fate of this woman, the party pauses to loot the belongings of the slaughtered farm family. Of the few interesting pieces found, Dave is particularly attracted to a copper wristband with a strange green stone embedded within.

Finally deciding to take the Elf to get medical aid, the part travels to the village, attracting stares and cold silence as the villagers see the injured elf in the cart, and the uninjured elf ‘Sniper’ in the party.

Making their way to the Chantry, the party enlists the aid of Venknar, a wry old man they erringly believe to be a Chantry priest.

While Venknar tends to the elf, a small mob of angry villagers approach, led by the village blacksmith demanding that the elf maiden be turned over to them as they believe she was involved in the slaughter at the farm.

Utilizing a unique form of diplomacy, Gideon takes it upon himself to slaughter the Blacksmith, the raging mob is pushed back by the arrival of Tarl Dale, the Village Warden.



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